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December 31, 2010


G3 Live in Tokyo. I think this is a very successful concert g3, especially when JoeSatriani, Steve Vai, and John Petrucci played the song "Smoke On The Water" by DeepPurple. All the spectators cheered as the three guitarists are in action on stage.
Without lingering longer, here I will give you the video when they played song Smoke On The Water. Click here.
Happy watching this video friends...!!!

December 24, 2010

Eric Clapton auction his guitar

Always a lot of ways that can be done by a big star for charity.

As did Eric Clapton recently. For the sake of a charity event agency drug and alcoholrehabilitation, which he founded, Eric auctioning 70 guitar. The singer who was born on March 30, 1945 is hoping the sale or auction could help the institution.

According Digitalspy.com, one of the auctioned guitar by the legend of blues and rock music is a Fender Stratocaster black complete with his signature. This historic guitar ever used by the singer of Wonderful Tonight song was in a Cream reunion concert in 2005.Guitar is offered at a price of U.S. $ 20-30 thousand, or approximately USD 180-270million.

Before the auction, these guitars will be on display at Bonhams, London, from January 23 next year, and sales will take place on February 9, 2011

December 14, 2010

Sweep Picking

Sweep picking is a difficult technique of playing guitar. why I say difficult? because the technique requires speed, both in picking and finger movements. The technique is usually used for rock songs or songs that are fast tempo game even very fast. The technique is usually played in the form of arpeggios. Famous guitarists who often use this technique is Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe satriani, Paul Gilbert, and many more. To perform this technique is quite complicated way, but if you are serious you definitely can.
To know how to do sweep picking, please CLICK HERE....
Okay, after you know it. I will give you a few tips to master this technique quickly and easily.
First, train your fingering techniques every day. This is done to increase your speed.

Second, Try to add your knowledge about guitar scales. Or learn the tones arpeggios. Because this technique will be better heard if you use a tone arpeggios.

Third, It is most important. Train your sweep picking every day.
Good luck.

December 04, 2010

Greatest Jazz Guitarist

Wes Montgomery

Wes Montgomery was one of the great jazz guitarists, a natural extension of Charlie Christian whose appealing use of octaves became influential and his trademark. He achieved great commercial success during his last few years, only to die prematurely.

It had taken Wes a long time to become an overnight success. He started to teach himself guitar in 1943 (using his thumb rather than a pick) and toured with Lionel Hampton during 1948-50; he can be heard on a few broadcasts from the period. But then Montgomery returned to Indianapolis where he was in obscurity during much of the 1950s, working a day job and playing at clubs most nights. He recorded with his brothers vibraphonist Buddy and electric bassist Monk during 1957-59 and made his first Riverside album (1959) in a trio with organist Melvin Rhyne. In 1960 the release of his album The Incredible Jazz Guitar of Wes Montgomery made him famous in the jazz world. Other than a brief time playing with the John Coltrane Sextet (which also included Eric Dolphy) later in the year, Wes would be a leader for the rest of his life.

Montgomery's recordings can be easily divided into three periods. His Riverside dates (1959-63) are his most spontaneous jazz outings, small-group sessions with such sidemen as Tommy Flanagan, James Clay, Victor Feldman, Hank Jones, Johnny Griffin and Mel Rhyne. The one exception was the ironically titled Fusion, a ballad date with a string section. All of the Riverside recordings have been reissued in a massive 12-CD box set. With the collapse of Riverside, Montgomery moved over to Verve where during 1964-66 he recorded an interesting series of mostly orchestral dates with arranger Don Sebesky and producer Creed Taylor. These records were generally a good balance between jazz and accessibility, even if the best performances were small-group outings with either the Wynton Kelly Trio or Jimmy Smith. In 1967 Wes signed with Creed Taylor at A&M and during 1967-68 he recorded three best-selling albums that found him merely stating simple pop melodies while backed by strings and woodwinds. His jazz fans were upset but Montgomery's albums were played on AM radio during the period, he helped introduce listeners to jazz and his live performances were as freewheeling as his earlier Riverside dates. Unfortunately at the height of his success, he died of a heart attack. However Wes Montgomery's influence is still felt on many young guitarists.
This is wes montgomery's VIDEO

December 03, 2010

Fastest guitarist in the world

Tiago della vega. He is the world's fastest guitarist. perhaps during the time we think that Yngwie Malmsteen, John Petrucci, or Steve Vai is the fastest guitarist in the world. But this time, such a presumption should we lose. Since this time there is a guitarist who managed to break the Guinness book of records as the fastest guitarist in the world.

Unique Guitar Riffs

This is a pretty unique guitar video .. this video is played a lot of guitar riffs, but merged into a single song .. Unique is not it?
But make no mistake, this video is not composed of riff tunes that bad. But otherwise, this video consists of riffs the songs are cool and have a fairly high level of difficulty. Source

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