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April 26, 2012

Mike Portnoy will come to Indonesia

Former Dream Theater drummer, Mike Portnoy, is sure he will be performing in Indonesia on 11 November 2012. This was expressed Portnoy through his personal facebook account, Thursday (04/26/2012). However, the promoter is not known which one will bring Portnoy to Indonesia, and where the concert will be held.
But one thing is certain, Portnoy will perform in Jakarta with a number of other famous musicians. They are Billy Sheehan, bassist with the band who soared Mr. Big, Derek Sherinian, former Dream Theater keyboard player, and Tony MacAlpine, a solo guitarist who had helped the project album and concert guitar god Steve Vai.
The names of the musicians that will be taken by Mike Portnoy is certainly not inferior to rock bands and musicians who have performed abroad in Indonesia. Billy Sheehan for example. Mr band's bassist. Big it had twice appeared in Indonesia with his band is. Musicians born March 19, 1953 was once named the Best Rock Bass Player magazine reader's version of Guitar Player.
Then Derek Sherinian is a former keyboard player of Dream Theater from 1994 to 1999. Sherinian has also been involved in helping the album Alice Cooper, Billy Idol, Yngwie Malmsteen, Kiss, by Alice In Chains.
Concert Portnoy and his colleagues in Jakarta is a series of titles that they will tour in Europe and Asia. Europe and Asia tour will begin on October 17, 2012 in the city of Opole, Poland, and Jakarta to cover the city of the concert series. In addition to Jakarta, Mike Portnoy cs will be visited several other cities in Asia, including Shanghai, Taipei, Manila, Bangkok, and Singapore.
The plan appeared in Indonesia is already disclosed a few days before Mike Portnoy of Dream Theater concert convening in Jakarta, 21 April.
Through facebook account that, Portnoy said, "fans in Indonesia, I do not understand why some of you think I will be performing in Indonesia this weekend. I want to say that it's not true "
"Actually I'd love to perform in Indonesia this year with my band new or through other projects. Really can not wait to perform in front of you, "added Portnoy.
Portnoy himself indeed had resigned from Dream Theater since 8 September 2010. At that time he decided to move to the band Avenged Sevenfold. But apparently Portnoy did not feel at home in the band, until then retreated also in December 2010.

March 11, 2011

Tips To Speed Up Your Picking

Okay friends, this time I will discuss a little about picking techniques and how to speed up our picking skill. Fine, I immediately began just.

Picking is a technique for strumming a guitar but using a tool called pick. This technique is the basic of a good guitar, because there would be no ability to play guitar well without picking good also.

Every professional guitar player would be able to play this technique with very good and very fast too, even They play without the slightest error.

Now, I'll give some tips to all my friends, so that we can accelerate our picking.

1. Hold the pick with a good position
This is affecting how our picking speed in playing guitar. basically a good position to hold the pick is by leaving about 3 mm from the tip of the pick.

2. Pick guitar Up and Down
mean when we play guitar, we have to pick it up and then down. This course will greatly affect our picking speed, because if we just pick the guitar up or down by constantly going slower than pick guitar by Up and Down.

3. Give ballast motion on the finger
This case i often do when I want to accelerate my picking ability. I tied a rubber usually on my fingers then I started playing guitar. Initially I felt the pain and stiffness in my fingers, but when I remove the rubber, so my fingers became more light to be moved.

4. Exercise
Without exercise, all the tips I give to you must not be useful. Train your ability constantly, slowly surely you are be advanced.

Okay, it was the little tips that I give to you all my friends. Wish it be useful for you.

March 05, 2011

Santana Started Java Jazz With Black Magic Woman

National anthem Indonesia Raya reverberate ahead of Carlos Santana's appearance at The Java Jazz Festival. When Santana appear, he immediately kick off with his guitar skill. And after two opening song off, The intro song Black Magic Woman is out through his fingers. Hear that tones, The audience was hysterical.

After Black Magic Woman, Santana dial with Oye Como Va song, this is one of the famous song. Latin rhytmic song that was inviting the audience to rock.

The audience is getting hot and increasingly enthusiastic swaying when the song MariaMaria echoed. Nearly all the spectatirs in attendance drifted swayed to the rhytm of the song.

Santana closed the concert that noght with the song Freedom. Throughout more than a half hour concert, Santana really quench the first of the fans of the weight.

Bark At The Moon (Guitar Cover)

Hi guys..
I will tell you less about Bark At The Moon song.. this is so technical hardrock song who created by Ozzy Osbourne. This song is so interested for me,,the tones is so comfort in my ears. and I think you will feel the same think with me after you hear this song.

This song is also fill in the game Guitar Hero, and so difficult to play this song. And now,, i will give you a videos about guitar cover of bark at the moon, and I hope you will be enjoyed to listen this guitar cover. And if you want to download this song. You can click here DOWNLOAD
Oke,,enjoyed to see this video.

February 23, 2011

Steve Vai Want to Print a World Record

Renowned guitar player Steve Vai invites young enthusiasts to help him score a world record in the largest online music lessons ever.

Rocker is working with his old music school, Berklee in Massachusetts, to try guitar lessons globally on March 3.

Grammy Award-winning hopes its action will encourage guitar players to develop theirown unique style. "This online event, and Berkleemusic big effort to teach studentsaround the world, this great example of collaboration that occurred at Berklee. Are youin Boston, Bombay, or Brussels, we will all be playing together on March 3," said SteveVai as reported by the "CM", Monday (21 / 2).

Free online guitar lessons from Vai will last for 30 minutes, and will provide a unique look at Steve's technique.

February 18, 2011

Slash Auction His Guitar Collection For Charity

Legendary guitarist Slash is rumored to be selling as many as 14 of his guitars,including acoustic guitar that he used when recording a popular song 'Patience', in an auction that was held next month.

As reported by Contactmusic.com, Tuesday (15 / 2), former guitarist for Guns N 'Roses expected to have at least 100 pieces of musical instruments that the plan also will sell Guild acoustic guitar used to record single Patient while still incorporated in the bandand various custom guitar other.

Slash decided to sell his guitar collection that, because since moving house recently made him realize he has a bad habit of collecting things that he did not need. In addition, he also sells his trademark two hats, the jackets choice, T-shirts and jewelrythat she never used during a gig.

Not only that, Slash plans to sell a classic car of his 1966 Corvette Stingray with anestimated selling price 90 000 US Dollar (IDR 800 million). The auction will begin next March 26 auction will be held by Julien and the results will be donated toa local organization homeless teenagers.

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