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November 23, 2010

Rolling Stones prepare a big concert on 2011

There is a good news for you who fans of the rolling stones band.
Certainty Rolling Stones fans will greet the weight through a dazzling stage act next year confirmed the guitarist Keith Richards. Not only his vocalist Mick Jagger, drummer Charlie Watts and guitarist Ron Wood, ready to perform again.

According to Richards, people may just not going to speculate Rolling Stones held a concert again. However, Richards stressed, only those who know when to stop and make another breakthrough.

Speculation that seems reasonable considering the band that was formed last year 1960 showing off their stage act teakhir ie when appearing on Tour 'Bigger Bang' between 2005 and 2007.

Owner of the band's performance hits 'Honky Tonk Woman' on the tour was to be the best concert series of all time, with a profit of more than Rp 5 trillion. The concert was well attended because the fans expect as the last time the band who manned the 'home' of this show of skill.

Name of The Rolling Stones are known since they released their debut album 'The Rolling Stones (UK)' (1964). Pamor band that formed in 1962 is increasingly recognized skyrocketed and when some of their album such as 'The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus' (1996) and 'A Bigger Bang' (2005) sold about 200 million more copies.
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Aerosmith launch a new album on 2011

Being a new American Idol judge to schedule automatic Steven Tyler became more dense. Fortunately it did not dampen the spirit of one band of friends in Aerosmith to release new album next year.

This is good news for fans of Aerosmith. After six years of a vacuum without a new album, in 2011 believed to spawn more personnel for the new album.

This belief is conveyed Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford, in an interview with Billboard magazine. According to him, though Steven Tyler's schedule, their vocalist, is solid due to his new role as a judge in American Idol, Aerosmith will not disband. Instead, he convinced his band were planning to release a new album next year.

It is said Brad, a new material for the new album Aerosmith recorded new plan will begin next year. "That's what we talked about over the years. Obviously we have to adjust to the schedule Steven appearance on TV. But he's ready and able to work on this new album. So, hopefully we can spawn a new album next year," said Brad as reported Aceshowbiz . com.

As mentioned if Aerosmith will be using the old material that has not been used up, he said no. He said there is unused materials when Aerosmith launch of their new album project in 2008. But he and other personnel would prefer to make it again from scratch.

"We thought we would use old materials unused. But personally I'd rather start from scratch. The way I think that's better."
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how to tune a guitar

Guitar tuning is a technique on the guitar to adjust the guitar tone to produce a good sound. Basically, there are 3 ways that can be used to tune the guitar, That is :
1. By using the tuner
This is a way of tuning the guitar with the help of a tool called "TUNER".
How to use it's easy, you just need to install the tuner on your guitar then you live excerpt from guitar strings and adjust the sound on the strings with the tone on-screen display tuner. If not appropriate, then turn the knob until the sound your guitar your guitar tone in accordance with the display on the tuner.

2. With the help of piano
This is a way of tuning the guitar with the help of the piano. The trick is not so different from using the tuner, we just need to adjust our guitar tone on tone on the piano by rotating the knob to tune our guitars fit.

3. Manual
This is the simplest way of tuning the guitar, because it does not use any tools. all you need is your ability to adjust the tone on the guitar. For more details,see the sample video.

November 22, 2010

Link Exchange

Link exchange is one way to improve our site pagerank.
In addition, link exchange also serves to strengthen the communication between fellow bloggers.
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November 19, 2010

GNR make a new album

Hey friends,,
This is a good news for you who fans of legendary band Guns'N Roses. After ups and downs, left by its personnel, leaving only the frontman, Axl. Now Guns'N Roses new album ready to record.
Finally, Guns'N Roses released an album titled "Chinese Democracy" which it also had stumbled upon the previous release. The idea of recording a new album just came out of Axl Rose and was greeted by the personnel Guns'N Roses new formation.
"We are now more deliberation on the concept of the new album. Many ideas, many things that we want to shed on the new album. Just wait oke. Will not as long as the last album. I promise," said the guitarist DJ Ashba Guns'N Roses in femalefirst, this weekend.
Ashba also said he believed that Axl has some fresh ideas on a new album later. He and other personnel can not wait to get in the studio recording.
Furthermore Ashba and friends are very excited to work on the new album. Especially since seeing Axl really serious and have fresh ideas on the album.
"Axl has a lot of good things, until he looked very serious concept album ripen later. We are so excited she made," said Ashba.
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Guitar scales

Hey friend, after studying the development of guitar techniques. Now we enter the next step, that is scales on the guitar. In the play the guitar, we need to know the scales, because this will affect the color of music that we play.
1. Pentatonic
This is the basic scales to play blues, rock, and jazz songs.
These scales consist of major and minor. The different between major and minor are only located on the tone of the base. if major basic tone is 'do', while the minor is 'la'. for more details, see the video.
2. Diminished
This is the basic scales to play jazz songs. These scales have a unique arrangement of tones, as well as jazz tunes. Therefore, to develop these scales is very difficult and must often practice. for example video.

3. Augmented
Similarly with diminished scales, augmented scales also a foundation for playing jazz songs. But augmented is
different with diminished. In augmented, the composition of the scale is more commonly done with arpeggios (usally done by sweep picking technique). So that you are not confused, this is the video.

4. Dorian
Dorian scales are scales generally you may already know. These scales consist of tone do re mi fa sol la si do'. These scales are also often called Lydian scales. This is a sample video.

Okay friend, now is the time to practice again. good luck friend.

November 18, 2010

Santana will show in java jazz festival 2011

for just an additional info, plans of the annual Java Jazz Festival Exhibition will be held again at 4, 5 and March 6, 2011 at JIExpo Kemayoran. Carlos Santana's famous guitarist confirmation to appear.

"Santana just confirmed today," said Media Relations Ressanda Tamaputra Java Jazz Festival while talking with detikhot, Thursday (18/11/2010).

Now the promoters are still brewing festival program. Because Santana had yet to detail the concept of the show which will be performed.

"Maybe next month we are only able to make sure the date. Now we are collecting the artists," explained the man who is familiarly called Echa.

Price could not even predict. The plan pre-sale tickets will be issued next week. The first purchases will be made online to the official site JavaJazzFestival.com.

Other foreign musicians who have confirmed their involvement in the Java Jazz Festival 2011 in which Bob James, Charlie Haden Quartet West, Chuck Loeb, Fourplay, Maria Schneider also Ron King Big Band. While the promoters are still waiting for confirmation from Al Jarreau and George Benson. reference

November 14, 2010

Guitar Technique

okay,,after struggling to master the fingering and basic technique on the guitar, now we will enter to the skill development level. Here I will discuss what techniques can we develop the basic techniques we've mastered.

1.Speed picking
This development of the picking techniques. This technique requires picking a fairly quick and clean. So that will produce a cool sound, and you definitely like. These techniques usually used more for rock songs. speed picking exercises

Tapping is a development of technique and the pull of hammer on technique. But how to play it rather than be picked using a pick. apping also many kinds-kinds, some use 2 fingers, four fingers or even 8 fingers. This technique has a high difficulty level, so watch carefully this lesson video.

3.Sweep picking
This technique is also the development of picking technique, but different from the speed picking. This technique is done to ring a few tones on different strings, but done only with a one-time picking up and picking one down. This technique is usually used for rock songs and jazz. click the sample video

4.Whammy Bar
Whammy bar is a technique that can only be done on electric guitar that has tremolo. This technique is a lot of variations, but the most interested me was when doing pinch harmonic technique and then proceed by doing whammy bar, it will produce a very cool sound. Here I will provide video whammy bar made by mas poncho Satrio. lesson video.

okay, that was a description of the technique development of basic techniques on the guitar. continued ability to practice your Bergitar, do not give up without learning to learn it because you'll never get. Good luck friend ..!!!

November 12, 2010

Basic Guitar Techniques

After you learn and begin to master the fingering in playing guitar. Next I will discuss the basic technique of guitar. But before entering to learn the basic technique, it would be much better if you are already familiar with the various guitar chords. Here I will give you a link to download the chord-chord guitar. guitar chords
Okay, after you know the chords on the guitar, now I'll introduce to you the basic techniques of playing guitar.

1. Picking
This is a guitar technique when you moving the guitar pick(tool for picking the guitar) by up-down to hit the strings. Instead of you confused, I will provide links to examples the practice. example picking technique

2. Pull of
By the time you hit the strings 2 fingers on different frets, but at the same string, then you release the pressure with one of your fingers on the strings that accompanied the passage. that is what is called the Pull of. for more details, please see this link. example of the pull technique

3. Hammer on
This is the opposite of the pull of technique. If the pull of your finger pressing the string and then take it off, then the hammer on technique, one finger and then when you hit the strings plucked strings of your other fingers press the strings on the frets the same but different. This is an example of the hammer on technique. examples of techniques hammer on

4. Slide
Slide guitar is a technique where when your finger is pressing a string and then when you pluck the strings, you slide the finger that is pressing the strings to the frets else but still on the same string. This is an example of a slide technique. sample slide technique

5. Bending
This is a guitar technique where you press a finger at the guitar strings, then you pick and fingers are still pressing the strings, you push up or down. This is an example of practice. example bending technique

6. Vibrato
Vibrato is a technique in which the guitar when your finger is pressing a string, then you pick, and then you move your finger to the up or down. This is the example of vibrato technique. example of vibrato technique

7. Pinch harmonics
This technique is called harmonization. This technique is done by touching the fingers on the strings that you want to sound. Remember, only touched not pressed. this is the example.

All six of these techniques is the basis of playing guitar which can be developed into the more cool and complex guitar technique. Once again good luck friends.

November 06, 2010

Fingering Guitar Technique

Guitar is one instrument that the way to play it by picked.
Here I want to share the knowledge in playing the guitar.
First, you have mastered the basics of guitar playing technique itself, that is fingering (warming up before playing the guitar). Although it's hears simple, and looks boring, but it can affect to "your speed" in playing the guitar.
Here I will give you a link of some fingering videos which is usually done by a professional guitarist.

1. Joe Satriani
fingering exercises by joe satriani

2. Paul Gilbert
fingering exercises by Paul Gilbert

3. Eric Johnson
eric johnson's style fingering exercises

4. Slash
slash's style fingering exercises

to produce your guitar skill be a super skill, I recommend that you
do the fingering at least 2 hours a day. Good luck friend ..!!!

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